Safe spaces

REAF 2023 is honoured to celebrate the opportunity to create connection through art on Ngarluma Country. Our team is committed to increasing awareness of whose lands we are guests on and treating the spaces and environments we gather on with love and respect. 

As a team, we aim to co-create accessible and inclusive places in and around Karratha. We want everyone attending our festival to have a safe and fun time. We hope to meet people where they are, assisting them to feel supported in their creative journey. We would like to invite you to do the same. You can join us on this by; 

  • Respect others any offensive comments and behaviours will not be accepted at the festival.  
  • Be open to growing your awareness of others, helping to create a safe place for those attending.  
  • Actively challenging old norms, harassment of any type has no place in the live performance space. 
  • Prioritize consent being aware of others’ body language and personal space, respecting everyone's physical, mental, and emotional boundaries of others. 
  • Recognize that mistakes are going to happen. Try to think about how your behaviour impacts you and take responsibility for what you say and do 

We value your communication. If you want to discuss anything regarding the efforts, we are trying to put into this festival please connect to our team by emailing with Safer Spaces in the subject title. 


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